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The Castle in The Sky

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Although the exact year of construction is unknown, there are written records stating that Takeda Castle was said to have been built around 1443. After conflict with neighboring states, Takeda Castle was often targeted by surrounding territories, and even 100 years after it was built, a lord who had established a large and powerful state tried to attack the castle many times in a quest to gain control of Ikuno Silver Mine. It was said that “he who has control over Ikuno has control over the country”, which showed the importance of Ikuno.In autumn when temperatures vary largely between day and night, the mist that rises from the Maruyama River causes a sea of clouds to form, and on some days, this sea of clouds covers the foot of the castle ruins, which stands atop a small mountain.

No buildings are left standing on the castle grounds, but the foundations are still largely intact, making it easy to see the castle's layout with a central fortress and three wings emanating from it. There are various locations around the grounds with great views of the surrounding mountains and the town below.

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Above the clouds

Full-day experience with a 1-night stay.


Stroll through the charming town of Takeda together with us. Visit an old sake brewery house and move on walking beside crystal-clear water channels filled with beautiful Koi fish with old temples at the base of the mountain that used to serve the masters of the former castle whose ruins you are about to discover. 

We take a hike up the mountain until we reach the ruins to be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view of Asago from above. Together we enjoy eating some traditional snacks and drinks.

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Descending from the castle, we are back in town. A delicious lunch is included with the experience at a local cafe or restaurant. 

After our lunch, we journey to a sake brewery that is still family owned and run for over 300 years. At the brewery, you will receive a tour of the facility to learn how Japanese Sake is produced. At the end of the tour, you are able to taste a variety of samples. Decide for yourself which one is worthy of being the best brew.


Stay the night in one of the oldest remaining official residence and company housing in Japan. Situated within the historic silver mining town of Ikuno has been designated as a nationally important cultural landscape.


These "Koushataku" houses were built by the Mitsubishi Corporation around 1876 and are now designated cultural properties of Asago City. In such a historic building, you can experience accommodation while thinking about the life of the past.

Included in this experience

  • Personal guide

  • Transport

  • Sake tasting

  • Lunch & Dinner 

  • 1 Night accommodation

  • Commemorative gift

  • Photography services are available 


Tour Destination: Ikuno Town, Asago City
Dates & Duration: 1 night 2 days.
Group size: Minimum 2 guests/Maximum 5 guests


Contact us to reserve your place

*This unique experience is available upon request. Please enquire with us about this tour.



Starting from ¥43,000 ~ per person

Combine this experience with any of our other available offerings, or contact us to tailor a tour for you.

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