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A Taste of The Countryside

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Agriculture in Japan like most countries play a vital role in the economy that feeds the nation. Japan has a long history of framing tecniques and culture. The countryside cities are at the heart of the industry and where one can find the freshest food. 

Asago boasts some of the Japenese leek known as Iwatse Negi from the town it origated from that is famous in the Hyogo Prefecture. During winter many people purchase some for themselves. Tajima beef is another popular food better know internationally as Japanese Wagyu Beef that is praised for its high quality and marbled fat structure. These days wild meat is becoming more popular as a great alternative and means of animal population control. 

Many towns in Asago produce high quality rice that is the staple food of Japan. It is common in the countryside to see many homes with their personal farm for family and to share with the community.

The combination of all the local fresh produce  available in Asago are enjoyed the best when cexpertly comnined and prepared into a dish by one of the experienced residents  who have inhereted generations of teachings and recipes. 

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At the heart of the community

Half-Day experience and a 1-night stay


Cycling starts with a steady climb that's no match for the power of the E-Bike and after moving through a tunnel takes us gently downhill that soon reveals the scenic farming landscape. We stop to admire it and then move on to a local organic farm. 

With the owner and sometimes his family, you will experience how to harvest the vegetables that his family has carefully grown. Breathe in, smell and savour the essence of the countryside from the rich soil it comes from. Relax. We are with nature in Japan.


We say farewell to the farmer and venture on cycling on the road less travelled. Over the river and through the woods, you will be introduced to interesting artefacts and scenery that beg to have their photos taken of. If you are lucky, you'll have a close encounter to get an up-close photo of the train at a popular photography spot known mostly by locals.

Your cycling guide will lead you on to return to Ikuno Town, Along the way, your guide will show you some remarkable points of interest until your destination is reached. 

A short walking tour after a period of rest will introduce the charm of Ikuno town. There's much to discover and learn. 

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Time for dinner approaches. We meet up with a local cooking instructor who knows how to make the best traditional food from the vegetables you harvested. 

Your instructor will guide you step by step to make a delicious dish together. Cook, laugh and make mistakes. We learn and experience together. 

Finally, after learning how to prepare a traditional Japanese dish, we dine together. Experience the flavours and smells of authentic home-made style food in Japan. 

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Stay the night in one of the oldest remaining official residence and company housing in Japan. Situated within the historic silver mining town of Ikuno has been designated as a nationally important cultural landscape. These "Koushataku" houses were built by the Mitsubishi Corporation around 1876 and are now designated cultural properties of Asago City. In such a historic building, you can experience accommodation while thinking about the life of the past.

The cycling component of this tour is led by locally trained guides from Asago Cycling who is a main cycling tour operator in Asago City with accommodation managed by Airbnb super host guesthouse Ikuno Stay. 

Included in this experience

  • Fully maintained E-Bike with helmet

  • Trained cycling guide

  • Cooking instructor

  • Dinner

  • 1 Night accommodation

  • An optional support car is available upon request

  • Photography services are available 


Tour Destination: Asago City
Dates & Duration: 1 night 2 days.
Group size: Minimum 2 guests/Maximum 5 guests


Contact us to reserve your place

*This unique experience is available upon request. Please enquire with us about this tour.



Starting from ¥33,000 ~ per person

Combine this experience with any of our other available offerings, or contact us to tailor a tour for you.

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