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At the heart of Japan

At Asago Travel & Stay we offer experiences that connect people with unique experiences. 


Our small group tours focus on providing visitors with authentic activities and interactions, providing a unique experience our customers always wanted to have in Japan. Our tours allow you to discover hidden gems of Japanese culture, take breathtaking photos, and truly connect with real Japan. 


All ATS tours feature local craft people, guides, cooks, farmers, and more - so you can discover and learn more about this beautiful region and what makes it so unique. 

What Makes Us Special

At the centre of Hyogo prefecture lies Asago City. Surrounded by mountains, forests, and rivers that provide picturesque views all year round.

Still untouched by large tourism, this countryside town is a historical gem, harbouring truly unique history and sites that date back from ancient times to the modern era. Asago is most notable for being home to Takeda Castle Ruins, a spot popular for appearing as a castle in the sky, and Ikuno Silver Mine with over 1200 years of history, which served as a model mine during Japan's first steps into modernization with the help of French engineers. 


Excellent Experienced Guides

Our partnered tour operators and guides have formed tight bonds with the local community that provide us with truly rare opportunities and knowledge within Asago to pass on to our guests through the unique experiences we offer.


Our guides will be with you every step of the way and expose things that would otherwise be missed or overlooked. 

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Handpicked Adventures

We have developed special experiences with locals that focus on what Japan is really about and allow unique cultural interactions.


Our experiences are carefully planned and selected to offer what we believe are real cultural experiences in Japan that make a positive impact on the local countryside economy.  


Hidden Gem Destinations

The regions of Asago were once ruled by famous warlords and abundant with beautiful nature and historical places such as Ikuno Silver Mine and town dating back to over 1200 years and Takeda castle stone is situated on top of a mountain that during the sea of clouds, the season appears to "float" in the sky among the clouds.

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