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Authentic Japanese Experiences

Your private guide will escort you to explore the world you have yet to discover -
Visiting historic towns on Japan's first industrialised roads with over 1,200 years of history, and appreciating traditional countryside culture with local farmers, craftsmen and residents.

All experiences will provide you with a fantastic encounter that will let you experience the authenticity of Japan.

Stay at a private cultural heritage guesthouse, enjoy local gastronomic delights,
and indulge in the unique premium experiences that Asago Travel & Stay has to offer.

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See Japan like never before

Cycling Experiences that take you deeper into Japan.

Enjoy each season's historical scenery and discover the heritage sites and other lesser-known places of Asago which can only be offered through a cycling tour. Rental bikes, guides and various special courses are available to suit your level and needs

Walking & Hiking Tours

Travel on historical roads and pathways

Journey through the countryside nature and towns to slowly take in the essence of what you experience at a steady pace.

Hike to the top of Takeda Castle Ruins or walk through a small town while popping in and out of historical places, beautiful views and shops. 

Our walking & hiking tours combine a variety of experiences and introduce the area with a local guide.

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Harvest fresh fruits & vegetables 

Take a peak into local farm life & agriculture

Agriculture is an integral part of the economy and everyday life for many people living in the countryside. 

Join us with local farmers to enjoy harvesting fresh vegetables and fruits that are incorporated into local cuisine. Enjoy the taste of Japan by eating your harvest on-site or combining it with a cooking experience with a local who will show you how a local dish is prepared and cooked. 

Taste the product of over 300 years of refinement. 

Konotomo/ Tajime Brewery

Asago has two great and very old sake breweries dating back to the Genroku period (1688 - 1704). The breweries have been competing against each other for centuries and have produced some of the best Sake for over 300 years. Experience the secrets and tastes of two special, globally highly regarded sake breweries. 

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Delicious local meals

The taste of local cuisine made together with locals.

We offer dining options with several of our tours. Enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant or cafe, or join a cooking lesson lead by a local and experience preparing and eating seasonal food together. 

Depending on your dietary preferences, we can assist in designing your experience with delicious local food options. 

Stay like a local

Former Residences of Managerial Mine Workers 

The Meiji government built the former Ikuno Silver Mine employee residence around 1867, one of Japan's oldest government/ company residences.


It is a historic building that is now designated as a cultural asset of Asago City. Experience the privilege of staying in an authentically rare Japanese house. Take a trip back in time and imagine the life of the past.


Custom Tours

Tailored to your needs

We specialise in designing a fully custom private trip for your family, small groups and individuals. 

ATS is the only tour operator in Asago that proudly offers services specifically catered for the foreign-based market. 

Get in contact with us and let us know your exciting plans and ideas so that we can assist you in building a tour suited to your needs. 

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